My wife Penny and I believed it important to register our thoughts on our recent experience with Residential Building WA – which have only been positive.
Following the sale of our previous large home in order to “downsize”, a 12 month rent-back option enabled us to consider building a new home when we were unable to find what we were looking for in our preferred suburb, Doubleview.
Having never before built a home, it was with some trepidation we started the consultation process with Jeremy Eagleton.  From day one, he was able to interpret what it was we were looking for and what was important to us in any new home – and in various draft plans, reflect those wishes.  In addition, based on his significant experience, he was able to make suggestions on things like ceiling heights, window size, lighting etc. that turned out to be not just sensible but important to the look and feel of the finished product.  When we found a block we liked, somewhat odd-shaped, Jeremy was able to again translate all of our wishes into a residence that fitted neatly on the block and ticked all the boxes.
Where we had heard horror stories about builders cost estimates being wildly inaccurate when it came to confirmed pricing – this proved not to be the case.  Ultimately, the final price of the build was less than 2% over the initial budget pricing.
Following the initial design and sale process, we were introduced to our New Home Administrator, Sue Helem, who “held our hands” through the potentially intimidating prestart and internal selection meetings – where basically all of the decisions about the build were taken.  Like Jeremy, Sue’s experience was invaluable in assisting with some of the finer points of product selection.  There is nothing in our completed home that we are not happy with, or that with the benefit of hindsight, we would change.
Following a seemingly inordinate time for the local authority to approve the plans and building licence, a start date was set and we were introduced to our site supervisor – Ralph Dichiera. Ralph was a no nonsense straight shooter who had his finger absolutely on the pulse of our project.  Often on site or close by very early in the morning – his relationship with the all of the trades appeared to be excellent.  The site was always clean and rubbish free – the tradies were always friendly, professional and courteous.  There didn’t seem to be a time when there were delays or errors with material delivery.  His estimates of what would happen when, were accurate, despite the interruption caused by various holidays and even a traffic accident reducing the size of the brickie team by one.  A retired builder friend of ours who made a number of visits during the build was suitably impressed by what he saw, and complimentary about the final result.
We are delighted with our finished home, and there is nothing about it we don’t like – again testament not to our design and selection skills, more the professional and thoughtful input throughout the process from the RBWA team. We would have no hesitation in recommending RBWA to others and wish to pass on our sincere thanks to the team and in particular Jeremy, Sue and Ralph. 

T Bonifant

I had known Jeremy Eagleton for nearly a year when I purchased a block in the Mt Claremont St Johns Wood Boulevard area.

At the time, I was going through a difficult period and was unsure about making a large financial commitment by purchasing that block. He helped me navigate this difficult time and it turned out to be very fortuitous indeed. Most importantly, Jeremy was able to make me see the vision surrounding the area which requires quite a bit of development still.

He is understanding, patient, extremely professional and his knowledge is comprehensive and sound. His personality is affable and approachable and he instantly puts you at ease. My phone calls are always either answered immediately or returned promptly and no request is too much for him.

Even now that I have moved on to the building stage Jeremy still checks in regularly with me to see how things are going and to ask if he can offer me any more assistance, which he has, numerous times.

I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending him to any prospective clients and I believe he is an asset to his profession.

K Fischer

We recently had the great pleasure of purchasing our new home from Jeremy.  The quality of the build and the finish made our decision a very easy one.  Jeremy was/is a delight to work with and a true professional.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy and his company to anyone planning a lifestyle change and a new home.

J & P Katz