If you love where you live, why wouldn’t you unlock the equity in your back yard?
With the recent changes in the residential design codes in Perth, you may be able to subdivide where you live now. 
We offer a comprehensive service covering a feasibility assessment, through to block creation and residential home construction.  
We can assist you with the following:
1. Feasibility of block suitability for subdivision. 
2. Comprehensive assessment of costs involved. 
3. Clear estimates as to how long it will take to create a new block. 
4. Assessment as to whether you can keep the original house and just subdivide the yard off. 
5. What can be built on the new lot, single or two level and all associated costs to a Turnkey specification.  
6. Pre-selling of the proposed lot, off the plan, giving you the financial peace of mind before the costs start. 
We can provide you with a comprehensive estimate from block creation to a completed Turnkey home on the site, and project manage the entire process.