Downsize and Stay Local

As our lives change, we need to change with it. Once upon a time a big home on a large portion of land in a great suburb was the perfect place to raise a family and have the children grow up in a safe and secure environment.

Once the kids have left the maintenance and cost associated with bigger properties can become quite onerous. In addition, freeing up some equity is nice so that you are able to have an enjoyable life and a good standard of living.

Responsible development in built up areas that you are familiar with can be a great option. Low-density single-story homes are being provided by responsible developers giving people the option to buy locally, with well design and priced homes. The homes can have design input from the purchaser and choices of colours and finishes is available. Why move away from friends and family if you don’t have to.
This type of low-density development, let’s say instead of an apartment, gives you the opportunity to own the land. This means that you maintain a strong equity position for yourselves the next generation. It also allows you to buy a property that does not have a corporate body, quarterly strata costs, which is wasted money.

A quality builder will also be able to incorporate into the design, at the purchaser’s request, modifications should a wheel chair ever be required to ensure unrestricted access throughout the home. In addition, photovoltaic solar systems to ensure that the ongoing living costs in relation to power bills is eliminated or greatly reduced. Attention to simple but effective solar passive design elements, and upgrading insulation to ensure the minimum amount of heating and cooling is required.

Low density developments of this nature are also welcomed by the locals, who frequently have to deal with higher density developments than is appropriate for the area. Respectful developments delivering appropriately designed and well-priced single-story options are available.